An oasis in the traffic

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oasi del traffico

A contemporary skygarden is the first step towards an ever-greener Seoul

The project is similar to New York’s High Line, the urban park inaugurated in 2009 on the overhead railrad crossing the Meatpacking District. The transformation of the old line has been a huge success, and in a few years the “green line” has become one of the city’s most popular spots. This first experiment was followed by others, such as the construction of the romantic Promenade Plantée in Paris on a disused viaduct and, in the near future, there will be the inaugurations of the London Garden Bridge and projects that will give new life to former railways in all the United States.

Among the most interesting examples of reconversion that go towards this direction, there is a new park in Seoul, designed by the Dutch MVRDV studio. It is Seoullo 7017, a green lung that has give new life to a 938-meter city highway that crosses the heart of the capital of South Korea. The steel 16-meter-high overpass was built in 1970; the inauguration of the project took place in 2017. The numeric code 7017 of the name comes from here. Seoullo is part of a larger project, aiming at the development of a more and more pedestrian city. Where cars once sped along, there is now a boardwalk with 24,000 plants of 228 different species from all over the country. Trees, shrubs and flowers are housed in 645 large vases-tree pots that at night turn on thanks to a suggestive blue lighting. The color contrasts with the yellow street lighting and it can be change during events and celebrations. A series of bridges and stairs allows direct access to Seoullo 7017 and directly connects the viaduct with hotels, shops and other green areas on the level of the road surface and which are still under construction.

Txt: Francesca Tagliabue

Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode

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