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A fashion brand that blends tradition with research, giving life to precious and totally ECO friendly garments.

Cangiari, a word that in Calabria’s dialect means ‘to change’, it is the first Italian, high-end eco-ethical fashion brand that through a network of social cooperatives, produces and sells absolutely organic and totally made in Italy fashion items, combining the millennial traditions of hand weaving with innovation and research.

As explained by Vincenzo Linarello, chairman of the brand and of the group he owns. “Changing is the Cangiari’s manifesto: it expresses the will to show off our origins almost to compensate for an often disrupted identity. Change also triggers the redemption of Calabria’s people. It is the mission of GOEL, the Cooperative Group born in 2003 as a network of organizations dealing with social projects, organic farming and food, responsible tourism, social healthcare, organic cosmetics, fashion.

The soul of Cangiari, while firmly preserving its roots and traditions, is a creative process aiming at innovative design, style, materials. From the very beginning, we wanted to combine product ethics, environmental sustainability and research. Having implemented important investment in style – well-known fashion designers have designed many of our items – we managed to build a small creative community, made up largely by our weavers who, under the guidance of Maria Paola Pedretta, develop patterns and colors. After only four years of activity, we are the first high-end ethical brand in Italy.

The change encourages us to make the ethical fashion brand also a lifestyle brand, under a name that evokes both home and living. This is how Abitare Cangiari (Living Cangiari) was conceived, an home collection presented for the first time at the Lualdi Milanese showroom, on the occasion of 2017Fall Design Week, with the exhibit-event named Abitare Cangiari, etica e design (Abitare Cangiari ethics and design), by Patrizia Scarzella and Valentina Downey, a social design event promoted by the DComeDesign Association. The collection was made thanks to an innovative use of the weaving handloom: different programs allow the creation of unique fabrics featuring an unique artistic expression.

We are very interested in the foreign markets, which we have not reached yet, since the cooperatives of the GOEL Group are co-financed through bank loans, without large amounts of capital. To cross national borders we have just launched an e-commerce project,”.

txt: Giulia Bruno

From number 3 of XTRA – Italian Mastery Magazine. Go to the section magazine for the prewiew. HERE