Natevo/Flou Showroom

Dec 19, 2017 admin


The first Natevo/Flou showroom opened in Milan.

The first Natevo/Flou showroom is located in Milan in Via De Amicis 53. Located on the ground floor, it is spread over a surface of 500 square meters and is surrounded by 11 large shop windows.

The new space has been placed in the immediate vicinity of the Museum of Science and Technology, and this is a nonrandom choice that aims to emphasize the innovative and amazing soul of the whole collection.

A location full of design, comfort and cutting-edge technology, which allows you to appreciate the style, quality and value of Natevo furniture and accessories, whose integrated LEDs – which can autonomously illuminate the environment in which they are placed – allow unique and striking furnishing solutions.

The single-brand Natevo store wants to be a meeting point for customers passionate about innovation and professionals in the sector who, in the new space, can also take advantage of a technical area specially equipped for the design.