Room Mate Emir, Instanbul

Dec 14, 2017 admin

room mate

The latest jewel in the chain founded by Kike Sarasola

Room Mate is a Spanish international hotel chain founded in 2005 by the entrepreneur, actor and sportsman Enrique Sarasola.

The hotel’s concept is simple yet captivating: the best way to travel is staying at friends, whatever the city to visit. Each of the 22 facilities (for a total of 1,500 rooms) open in over a decade, remains faithful to this principle: the hotel is like an accommodating host (hence the name for each property – a proper noun. Milan’s is called Giulia), which welcomes its guests informally, offering them a warm and comfortable welcome. Accompanied, however, by an excellent location in a central position, flawless service, and some innovative optionals, including free wifi throughout the city.

After having launched new facilities in metropolises around the world such as New York, Miami, Mexico City, Madrid, Barcelona and Milan, success has prompted the company to develop new facilities, and at the moment there are 8 ongoing building sites.

Designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán, Room Mate Emir is the latest opening of the network, inaugurated a few months ago in the heart of Istanbul, in the Beyoğlu district, one of the trendiest in the Turkish capital. It’s called Emir and, as described on the website, is an ‘elegant, classic, adventurous’ type.

Emir was born from the restoration of two historic buildings, honored by the team of architects and designers in their historical and artistic value, albeit with a modern take.

The outside facade has been preserved and enhanced. The 47 between rooms and suites are large, bright and tastefully and creatively furnished. A successful project that has convinced, in addition to a large number of travelers, also the jury of the award AHEAD MEA (the Awards for Hospitality, Experience and Design), which awarded him the first prize in the “Best Visual Identity Hotel Of the Year”.