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torri amasterdam


Studioninedots designs an innovative residential complex that fosters socialization

At the northern end of Zeeburger Island, a rapidly developing area of Amsterdam, the Dutch studio Studioninedots designs for Alliantie and Lingotto an original multi-story residential complex.

The residential complex stands out for an unusual and original form: instead of a single massive block, it is made up of two slender buildings, with alternating façades with different windows and profiles, resting atop a semi-underground parking lot.

The buildings have a compact structure organized around a core that contains all the functional spaces of the apartments.

The complex consists of 142 residential units, all overlooking the Buiten IJ, divided into two types: the lower building, called De Generaal, offers affordable rental apartments, while Akropolis, the taller edifice, offers accommodation to residents aged 55 + or members of a residential community.

Living rooms and bedrooms are located in the perimeter area to maximize the view on the outside.

The space between the two buildings is offered as a public area devoted to sociality, both for residents of the towers and for the inhabitants of the area.


Photo credits: Peter Cuypers and Luuk Kramer