Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?
 Wellcome Collection

Nov 29, 2017 admin

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Can graphic design save your life? It is the title of the ongoing exhibition at the London’s Wellcome Collection

If graphic design can save you life, it can also jeopardize it. This is the message of the exhibition, which explores the complex relationship between healthcare and graphic design, analyzing the different ethical positions assumed over time by companies and designers.

200 items on display, including posters, light signs, advertising campaigns, all concerning healthcare, highlighting how graphics and illustration are not just information, but also persuasion and power tools.

Curated by Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright, the first graphic designer, the second teacher at the London University of the Arts, and co-founders of the London publishing company GraphicDesign &, a project exploring the importance of graphic design in information campaigns.

Among the most interesting sections of the exhibit, the one dedicated to tobacco campaigns, its promotion, or demonization: from the fussy images of Raymond Loewy for Lucky Strike, to the provocations of Charles Saatchi for Silk Cut, to the research carried out by GfK agency, that chose for the cigarette packet the worst color in the world – Pantone 4480 –  helping to drastically reduce the amount of smokers in the country.


Until January 14, 2018

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

Wellcome Collection

183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE, UK