Nov 09, 2017 admin

lighting design festival


From 4 to 24 November, in Como is currently underway the new edition of the 8208 Lighting Design Festival, the event dedicated to contemporary art involving artists, designers, universities and international professionals, with site-specific lighting installations in different places of the city, special events, workshops and panels devoted to theme of light and light art. The theme of the second edition is Boundary – an English word chosen for the nuances it has in comparison to the different unusual meanings of the Italian translation (confine). Artists, from musicians to writers, from painters to film directors, have always played and developed this subject in its many facets. One of the most beautiful images of the ‘boundary’, for example, is the Leopardi’s hedge in the poem The infinite.

This year, artists who were called to deal with this subject, through the medium of light, had the chance to interpret it as they felt. A physical barrier, an evanescent wall, an invisible cage, a wallless home – are just a few of the results of the works of the international artists selected for the Festival. Their works have been inserted within the most beautiful and meaningful contexts of Como, letting you interact with them and enhance their spatial aspect and meaning. Users are invited not only to observe such works, but also to interact and become the protagonists of the artistic installation itself.

The Festival also hosts a series of special events focused on multidisciplinarity and to the contamination of creative languages: a workshop for lighting development and the creation of light scenarios; a day panel on the relationship between art and technology, based on the will to involve professionals from all over the world to present reference scenarios, examples of innovation and new trends; an evening of live music and performances, between art and technology, established to foster the integration among the arts, and to create a new audience relationship with theater spaces; a collective exhibition displaying sixteen artists, during which darkness handles black light as an expression medium that can engage the spectator in an innovative sensory experience.