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An exhibition dedicated to the theme of water from different points of view.

Forkland il mondo sommerso (Forkland, the Underwater World) is the title of the personal exhibition of the Neapolitan artist Giovanni Scafuro that will take place at the Civic Aquarium of Milan from 14 October to 12 November 2017. Promoted and produced by the Comune di Milano (Municipality of Milan), together with the Civic Aquarium of Milan, the exhibition is curated by Beppe “Treccia” Iavicoli, art direction by Killer Kiccen Production.

An exhibition dedicated to the theme of water from different standpoints: the exhibition will display some of the artist’s latest works made from “sea wastes” (oars, boat parts, smoothed wood pieces). All accompanied by his distinctive feature, “To free objects from everyday life without affecting their functionality, to relocate them, shimmering with new life, in the everyday use”, that in this case are the cutlery, turned into shimmering fish sticks.

The title of the installation “Forkland” makes clear reference to the context in which it is located. The common thread linking the works and the location will be the sea and its inhabitants.

The exhibition is completed by workshops for children who, with the help of sea biologist, will be able to learn the wonders of the sea and its inhabitants thanks to an artistic path realized ad hoc for them.

Credit Federico Laddaga