Oct 30, 2017 admin


The new E_Spirit collection by Vibieffe means looking for new stylistic paths, recovering shapes and materials from the memory and culture of the 1950s. The collection’s name has many references, and sums up the different souls of the company’s new interior design product range: E as an evocation of its culture and memory; E as the evolution of design and style inspired by the past; E like the Emotion  born from the search for those details able to transform an object into a unique element of our home.

With the particular material combination and the very modern shapes, the E_Spirit collection defines a contemporary and sophisticated living style. The use of marble, brass, glossy lacquers and opaque wood, the “hardness” of the structures and the softness of the padding, are the secret of the exquisite contras given by different elements combined together. This makes the collection unique and reassuring at the same time, able to evoke the style of both modern and classical homes, giving new E_xpression to the values ​​of living and being together.

The modern model (design by Gianluigi Landoni) here in the picture arises from the need to redesign a minimal shape, enriched with traditional elements. The concept is inspired by the essential and rigorous shape of the structure, where soft and wrap-around pillows are inserted, and in which, thanks to a wide choice of available modules, it is possible to create different configurations.

The idea of ​​the project is finally enclosed in the foot of Modern, a clear inspiration of the 50s; it actually looks like a stiletto featuring an essential shapes, enriched by refined matching and finishes. The ability to adapt it to the customer’s different needs, makes Modern a versatile model, both in terms of comfort and possibility to combine the parts, ideal for residential and public spaces.