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Handles and Mandelli are two words intrinsically linked since 1953, ever since Rodolfo Mandelli has began to produce solid brass handles and coordinated products for the interior design. He immediately stood out as a creative talent, so much so as to be considered a pioneer designer handles for doors and windows, rather than a mere manufacturer.

Even today, in the MANDELLI1953 research laboratory, original models are continuously studied and planned, both in terms of content and shape, able to improve the comfort of residential  environments. To follow the new handles offered by the company: Zeit, design by Marco Piva and Twee, design by Massimo Cavana.


Zeit is a very innovative, high tech handle that requires increased production methodology, combined to crafty “passages”. A research on forms and materials and new tactile and visual effects that characterize an object of everyday use.

The passage of time is a metaphor for the “passage” that Zeit represents, the archetype of the symmetry of a hour handle that, rotating around a center, remains physically unchanged in the change of its direction, but apparently changed by the incidence of light. 12 are the months of the year, 12 the sectors in the clock face … 12 the facets created symmetrically on the body of Zeit.

This handle, which is made of a carved shape and is produced through a highly industrialized brass fusion process, is skilfully hand-finished by experienced craftsmen in order to enhance its volumetric look and the play of lights and shadows that make it unique.


“Design is endless and dynamic research of relative perfection”.

This sentence is well suited to form the basis of Twee’s concept. The concept that gives rise to this new handle is, in fact, based on an apparently simple question: why having coplanar plans bound by common, formal rules?

The initial idea thus leads to the distortion of the various planes, creating clear cut folds at the center of the handle and forming an uneven pattern and different in every view. In addition to a strong formal character, Twee has an ergonomic handle, which contrasts with its sharp-cornered and multifaceted image.