Oct 23, 2017 admin

Thanks to Geronim Group. a new water dimension was invented, that created a new bathroom concept , that was now turned into a total living bathroom environment.

This new version of Move, the solid surface bathtub, is always elegant and essential, thanks to the airpool whirlpool system: 12 bottom water jets release healthy micro air bubbles. Available in white Tecnoril® , with an oval or rectangular shape, the free-standing model can be positioned at the centre of a large bathroom. In case of smaller bathrooms, Move can be wall, corner, or niche-mounted.

The airpool whirlpool function is controlled with a silk screen keyboard placed on the edge of the tub. For all Move models, the airpool’s electric and hydraulic connections are enclosed in a small technical compartment, which works as a surface top.

Gruppo Geromin, the perfect world to meet all your wishes.