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Everyone has in his/her own home a place where to shelter and feel better. For many this haven is exactly the kitchen.

In the most convivial room of the house you prepare lunch, dinner, snack, chat, share time, and why not, even passions. Every kitchen has a different style , modern, country, contemporary or classic, nonetheless, this room of the house is the meeting point of many families. This month we present you three high quality, made in Italy kitchens, all featuring a modern style end engaging colors.

Carattere by Scavolini

This model is characterized by an high aesthetic value, in which beauty, class and design blend in to enhance the kitchen environment. Elegant, rigorous yet refined, Carattere is able to speak to an audience who loves essential lines, without affecting both beauty and functionality. The door frame represents the stylistic cipher of this new collection. Strictly matte lacquered, it is available in a wide range of colors. Here we suggest the gray iron nuance. Capable of enhancing both smaller and larger environments, Carattere allows varied customization elements, such as the large hood that can be aligned with the new hanging shelves, or adjustable in intensity glass backrests. In this program, where everything is studied up to the smallest detail, light also plays an important role: it is available both built-in the shelves and columns, as well as in the backrest between the bases and the shelves, and really contributes to effectively reshape spaces.

Air by Arredo3

A unique style, with a strong contemporary flavor and unparalleled details. Air redefines standards, offering a new cooking idea. This model is characterized principally by the special 24 cm high base, different to the 12 commonly used ones: a technical and stylistic look that gives the kitchen a sober, elegant and refined style. Aria perfectly interprets the contemporary mood also through other details, such as exposed baskets with essential lines, minimal leaf doors, and boiserie with ultra-thin shelves. On the island, Larice Vas laminate base with handle hold a top in matt white Corian, where the induction counter top and built-in sink are arranged. Upper, a scenic hood providing the right illumination and completing the composition, and two storage cabinets with lacquered exposed baskets, that create a connection to the living area.

Ego by Abimis

With Ego, Abimis defines a new idea of kitchen, redesigning spaces in a contemporary way. Rigour and design. Ego combines aesthetics and functionality. Perfectly integrating with refined environments, this model is characterized by steel blocks and ergonomic lines, bringing back the essence of cooking to its centrality. A big central island houses the area dedicated to cooking, preparing and dishing, and two side blocks are intended for storage and washing. To ensure cleanness, tops are without vanishing points. The rounded doors have an aluminum honeycomb core to soften the noise when closing the door, while shelves, compartments and modules are removable, allowing you to fully exploit the space, making it more accessible.


High end kitchen is in the details.