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The exhibition path CHROMOPHOBIA designed by architect Aldo Parisotto, is based on the relationship and the contamination of architecture, art and design, presenting the theme of monochromaticity in three different environments – white, black and red.

Bright and consistent matching and contrasts, alternating textile design artifacts made with artisan methods from cc-tapis, tribal pieces from central Gabon and a selection of works by Herbert Hamak, David Simpson, Luigi Carboni, Claudio Parmeggiani, Marcello Jori, Arthur Duff and Mats Bergquist. Crhomophobia develops within the cc-tapis space, in a neutral architectural box, characterized by a rigorous use of materials and textures. Space is the result of a constant contamination of classical recalls and post-industrial worlds: arches, barrel vaults, coffered ceilings and velvets are in continuous dialogue with plates, glass, rough concrete and technical equipment.

The title of the exhibit is taken from the book of David Batchelor Chromophobia, Italian edition 2001 – Paravia Bruno Mondadori Editore – useful to introduce the concept on which the exhibition is based.

Silence. The silence that color can cause is a sign of its power and autonomy. Silence is the way we express our respect for what excites us beyond language. “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent,”- said Wittgestein, who also saw in color the outer limits of language. Silence is said by the body, through our gestures and posture.

Unique chromatic tone, which is dominant in single environments, meets different materials – yarn, resin wood, canvas, paper – and creates unpublished effects, proposing a contrast-based pathway and contamination that is a fundamental part of the aesthetic approach and design poetics of curator. In three monochromatic spaces, in total lack of decor, they communicate the works of the mentioned artists and the artworks from West Africa, creating unusual contrasts and unexpected juxtapositions with cc-tapis textile design artifacts. Rough or perfect surfaces, rough or soft textures play with light and color, giving rise to striking visual and tactile effects. Exposed monochromatic works generate blends and contrasts, showing all nuances of a single color.


Cc-Tapis Space – Piazza Santo Stefano, 10th Milan

from 6 to 27 October 2017

from 10 am to 6.00 pm

Credit Michele Alberto Sereni