Oct 10, 2017 admin


When a staircase gets naked.

Fruit of the creative genius of Ofist, a studio of architecture and design founded in 2004 based in Istanbul, Stripcase is a truly special scale. Thanks to the modern and innovative design featuring a “bare” line, Stripcase, from a purely functional object, is transformed into a genuine decorative item, sober yet connotative at the same time, capable of enhancing any environment, in particular, contemporary contexts.

As for example in the photo project, a residence with a markedly urban design located in a lively commercial and residential area of ​​the Turkish metropolis.

Stripcase plays here a central role, thanks also to the essential space it is part of. Here the minimalist interiors, in turn, exalt its contemporary design, elegant lines, as if it was a real sculpture. However, a sculpture, not ostentatious or pervasive, on the contrary, characterized by a bare line (or, rather, a “stripped down” one, like the wordplay from which it is named) with horizontal layers as the only connection between the two floors.