Sep 25, 2017 admin

es zeroframe

The innovative windows ES Zeroframe and ES Zero1 by ES Finestra have been chosen for the prestigious renovation of the evocative lighthouse of Bibione.

The lighthouse of Bibione, built at the beginning of the twentieth century in San Michele del Tagliamento (Venice), and the adjacent building have been renovated respecting the original architecture. The full glazed windows by ES Finestra represented an important element of design and transparency within the project.

The white glazed windows can open to 180 degrees and feature an absolute and tactile transparency, showing a perfect combination between high aesthetic quality and high performance. Accessories, mechanisms, profiles and seals used in the window systems, ensure excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, with excellent wind resistance, air permeability and watertightness.

The Es Finestra models are characterized by elegance, attention to detail and purity of the shapes, elements which have contributed to the great success of the fascinating lighthouse renovation.