Sep 14, 2017 admin

sergi ventura

Three suspension lamps and one floor lamp evoke a world of elegance and fantasy.

“My objective is to take an idea and turn it into an iconic design with both utility and beauty to decorate spaces that want to be unique”. Keeping this in mind the Spanish product designer Sergi Ventura presents himself to the decoration market with an original lighting collection that evokes a world of elegance and fantasy.

Four pieces characterized by pure lines and soft shapes have been designed and finished by hand by Sergi Ventura. From inspiration to manufacturing, the Spanish designer was able to create unique objects without pursuing any trend, just creating designs with their own style.

The collection includes three suspension lamp and one floor lamp. Mia Ballerina is characterized by a golden and helical body which gives the sensation of permanent movement, a captured moment. Light’n’Roll boasts a wavy mouth blown glass inspired by a violin, when the light is on, vertical lines make the light vibrates like if it were an instrument playing. The last suspension lamp is a delicate piece named Lobelia, as the name suggests this lamp was inspired by flowers. Dorking is instead a floor lamp with a slim and elegant appearance, when we lower or raise the big bright eyes of the flying animal, its tails opens or closes.