Sep 12, 2017 admin


Escape by Fernando Mastrangelo is a hybrid solution that changes our idea of interior furniture.

The pieces of furniture designed by the Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Fernando Mastrangelo stand out for their quality of being different. His latest collection is no exception: a coffee table, a bench, a drum stool, a mirror, a desk, a bookcase, a credenza and wall-mounted pieces go under the name of Escape and are defined by the artist as “furniture as escapism”, since by looking at their forms and tones, everyone can feel free to escape in faraway places. Seas, hills, mountains or skies, this three-dimensional paintings are able to evoke abstract landscapes which can be different from person to person.

But that’s not all. Fernando is notable for his use of unusual materials and for the realization of this real works of art he used silica that with its lava-like texture composes the foreground, hand-dyed sand which creates delicate veins and that suggests layers of earth and distant mountains and, finally, crystalline, almost translucent powdered glass was used to give life to otherworldly skies and bodies of water.

Fernando’s pieces of furniture are a perfect mix between art and sculpture, a hybrid solution that brought to the success of this collection and of those to come.

Credit Jacob Gossett, Cary Whittier.