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On May 24th, starting from 9 am, professors, experts, designers, consultants and companies will be focused on the relationship between hospitality structures and workspaces. The research project “Living, working, travelling: Interior design for new scenarios between hospitality and work” – developed by FARB (Fondo Ateneo Ricerca di Base), financed by the Design Department of the Polytechnic University of Milan and in collaboration with different media partners: DDN publishing group, About Hotel, Digital Strategies for Design – will take place at the Polytechnic University of Milan (F.lli Castiglioni room, Campus Bovisa Durando, via Candiani 72, Milan).

An increasing number of people has to move, for a short or medium period of time, because of work. “Today’s work is no longer an activity rooted in one place,” explains Professor Scullica, coordinator of the research project. The “mobile” dimension of hospitality considers new ways of travel and stay, which transform hospitality structures from spaces that can only host tourists to hotel and hostels that also acquire new functions (such as co-working spaces or work areas). The research intends to explore and describe these new spatial typologies with the specific approach of the interior design.

The conference is conceived as an intermediate phase of the research process and has the aim to gather different points of view. In the morning, teachers and researchers of the Polytechnic University of Milan will share their reflections, studies, researches and didactic experiences in the field (in English). In the afternoon, representatives of cultural, academic and scientific fields will meet with consultants, professional services and companies at a round table (in Italian with simultaneous translation in English), afterwards the conference concludes with a critical-operative reflection.

The day will end with the opening of the exhibition “Hospitality and Work on the Move: Interior Design of New Hybrid Spaces”, which will show the results of some of the didactic experiences of the School of Design – Politecnico di Milano, HEAD – Haute école d’art Et de design – Genève and the Hochschule für Gestaltung – Schwaebisch Gmuend – Germany.

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