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The design as innovation, functionality and aesthetics is the main protagonist of IED Design Week, from 4th to 9th April, Milan. During the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the FuoriSalone, IED (European Institute of design) organizes different events that tell the talent and commitment of young designers, showing the connections between research and study and between design and experimentation.

Here’s some of the events where IED is the main protagonist:

Design as Performance

GALLERIE D’ITALIA, room Mattioli, Piazza della Scala, 6

April, 8 at 5 pm

Free admission subject to availability.

Design as Performance is the topic of conversation that will be held, in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, by Alessandro Mendini, one of the most famous Italian designers, and Loredana Parmesani, critic and historian of art and teacher at IED.

Mendini will tell by means of video and pictures how the Designer Performer acted in the Seventies up to the early Eighties, when the focus of art passes from the object to the behavior, from a piece meant as long-lasting product determined by an economic value, to piece as performance that eludes the logic of economics.

This is a great opportunity to listen to those who wrote the history of design. IED constitutes a fundamental part of this history because since 1966, it welcomed the best talents of Milan, Italy and of the world.

The 2017 Design Week is also an opportunity to suggest themes, activities and characters that will be on stage at the Triennale of Milan from October 26, 2017 on the occasion of 50th anniversary of IED: an international exhibition that has Intesa Sanpaolo as a partner.

Milan Design Award

TRIENNALE DI MILANO, Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6

April, 6 at 9,30 pm

IED is the cultural partner of the Milan Design Award, the prize that celebrates the best settings of the Fuorisalone, coordinated by Elita and supported by the most important design districts of Milan.

Starting from 2010, Milan Design Award has decided to select, with the help of an international jury, the best exhibition projects of the Fuori Salone, on the base of: concept, technology, storytelling and engagement. In addition, the most innovative projects that will be able to enhance the creative dialogue between product and setting and between company and designer – will be awarded with a prize.

During the ceremony, IED will reward the Best Engagement category, which will go to those who have designed the installation characterized by the more immersive atmosphere.

Casa IED


Reception Pavilion 6-10

April 4-9, from 9:30 am to 18:30 pm

Opened to the public: Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 of April

Once again, you can find the IED’s stand at the Salone del Mobile. A stand that reproduces an housing space rich in several items of home design.

In this environment, you will find the projects designed and produced by the second years students of Product Design and by graduates who now work in prestigious companies or who have followed the path of independent design. On show, you can find Shy – a design element, conceived by Paolo Metaldi for Viceversa and winner of the Compasso D’Oro in 2015 – and Nora, a creation of Davide Angeli honored with the Top Young Italian Industrial Designers Prize in 2013.

For more information, please visit: www.ied.it