Apr 01, 2017 admin

Iconic Lisa Corti


Lisa Corti designs things that she experiences and feels in her many trips around the world: the connection with India, which has been with her forever, her memories of Africa, but also her eastern fascination with China and Japan and her love for Milan and Italian Renaissance art. A lifelong journey, which is still in progress today, a story that looks back at the past, but is geared towards the future.  An itinerary that is enriched from year to year, collection after collection, encompassing both new takes on grand classics and brand new ideas that continue to seek inspiration from the East. Floral and geometric designs create worlds built on stories that are far away but instantly recognizable, colors are intense and remain vivid in the memory. They speak of Lisa Corti, but also capture the essence of contemporary style, such as in her Home collection for spring summer 2017.

For Milan Design Week the new proposals will be showed both at the Home Textile Emporium in Via Lecco, the brand headquarters for the last 10 years, and also in the 5vie district at Il Trovatore, a concept store in which Lisa Corti will make a special appearance, setting up a window and a corner. The new collection offers four new designs, in line with tradition, in a myriad of multicolored, ultra-fine textile solutions for the home, all hand-printed.

The best-selling pieces by the Milanese designer, including her mezzeri, mandalas, quilts, curtains and canvases, are joined by a new limited edition summer gudri, made of organza, which is lighter and cooler, a fine, shiny fabric ideal for the summer season. An even more prestigious double-faced version juxtaposes a plain edge with the floral print in the center. The new ideas for spring summer 2017 also include an accessory for the table. The Camelia design is back, here printed on an American mat in masonite enhanced by a gold leaf, applied by hand. A unique piece with circular forms, which releases energy, elegance and a touch of exoticism. The new Lisa Corti Spring Summer Home collection represents tradition and also a new style: always timeless and iconic, as only Lisa Corti can be.