Mar 20, 2017 admin

Nome: Agata Dimmich


A mixture of topics related to home design such as interiors, design objects, decorating ideas and creative DIY projects. Passion Shake is in English.

BIO: Born and raised in Poland, graduated in England, she lives and works in Italy. Agata Dimmich is the creative mind that operates behind the blog Passionshake, specialized in interior and exterior styling, visual identity, art direction, photography and content creation.
She works with several clients including interior and lifestyle brands, magazines, advertising agencies and design studios.
Agata’s goal is to bring something special in each project, creating experiences in which her passion and determination live together.
She loves everything is visual: for this reason, on her blog, she share fragments of her work, interior styling tips and design ideas.
Her personal style: white and bright, with occasional strokes of natural colors.