Feb 28, 2017 designdiffusion

Colé Italian Design Label is a young Italian brand that offers a new way of making design, based on a sophisticated expressive research and an unpublished collaboration among all subjects taking part in the productive chain. The collections, created in partnership with Lorenz*Kaz, Aksu/Suardi, Emmanuel Gallina, Hagit Pincovici, Bracchetti+Saibene, Lorenza Bozzoli and Miki Astori, are the result of a refined taste for signs, materials and culture.


On the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2017, Colé Italian Design Label, will present Libra, a  shelf consisting of a wrought iron structure and a solid oak oil-treated wood board created by Martinelli Venezia Studio. “It’s a simply solid wood shelf, held by an iron belt which, in a perfect balance, holds the objects placed at its extremities” explain the designers. “The metal support wraps the convex wooden base, producing a material illusion: at first, the belt looks like a leather strip. Indeed, the image that has inspired the project is the traditional leather strap used by our grand-parents for carrying books, before the arrival of briefcases. Actually, a metal bar is hidden inside the wooden board and fixed to the support structure making it stronger and more stable”.

The second brand-new product that will be presented at the Salone, is Bokken Chair, a beechwood chair, natural or painted and available in different colors offered by Design Bellavista Piccini Architettura. “Tapered or ‘long-limbed’, the chair legs are inspired by the Bokken, a copy of the wooden sword used in Aikido and Kendo Japanese martial arts”, explain the designers. “What makes the chair unique is the colored seatback. The blend between color and natural, light or dark, wood, makes of the Bokken chair the perfect piece of furniture for dining rooms, restaurants or public spaces.