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RO Apartament

Feb 01, 2017 designdiffusion
The special in this project are the clients. Her colorful clothes and his “carioca” Brazilian way of life inspired SuperLimão Studio to change the original apartment floor plan to open spaces that contributes to their social life in those colored ambients.
In the same way the new program provides the necessary privacy for this couple. Each door is unique and there is more than 40 colors in the hole project.

Architecture: SuperLimão Studio
Authors: Lula Gouveia, Thiago Rodrigues, Sérgio Cabral, Antonio Carlos Figueira de Mello.
Collaborators: Mariana Kratka, Luciana Uras
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Area: 240m2
Photos: Maíra Acayaba