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Garrison bar by G2LAB

Gen 19, 2017 designdiffusion

In the central hub of the city of Ioannina a challenge was created, that of converting a neglected space into an active pole with European characteristics and its own special identity.

In the big two-storey building with a spacious loft in the back, several main problems were detected and had to be resolved, like the lack of adequate natural light and the low height of a big part on the ground floor. A basic aim has been, from the first stages of the designing process, to create a place with a comfortable and hospitable ambience through the successful combination of classical and industrial elements and also to find those unique characteristics which deal with design beyond the modern trends of aesthetics.

Our basic direction towards giving form to the ground plan was the choice of creating a versatile stall opposite the main bar. The whole concept has its origins in places where alcohol is produced and which are often characterized by an aura of mystery. An evaporator which was designed and created for the needs of the place has taken the role of a big round table, visible from every corner. The pipes which spread throughout the place have become a basic element and have acquired, apart from the purely decorative one, the functional role of providing light, while the appropriate use of materials and colors completes this coherent and harmonious result.

If we change levels, the loft was designed having its own philosophy which unites with the ground floor. The ‘red corner’ with the fireplace and the careful choice of furniture have created a special ‘microcosm’ with such a spatial quality that we can only find in a house. The elements of the place exude harmony, while all the special details add the necessary tension and liveliness in this comfortable place.

The result shows how a holistic approach in the design of a place can function effectively.

Garrison whiskey bar-coffee specialty design by G2LAB


foto: Menelaos Sykovelis