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Ripples, Ribbons and “S” Shapes

Nov 08, 2016 designdiffusion

With names like these, it is no surprise that London-based Object Studio’s latest furniture range seems to curve and bend at every angle. The 2016 collection includes pieces meant to accentuate the natural beauty of hardwood. Built from carefully selected timber, a unique interaction takes place between the curvilinear, modern designs and the natural grain of the wood that they are cast in. Each seating object has an undeniably sculptural quality, commanding attention in any room.

Take the Ribbon Chair for example, which, with its imposing presence seemingly made up of one thick, swirling band of timber, forms effortlessly into an armchair you would actually want to sit on. Or the S chair, a lighter but no less commanding version of its bulkier counterpart, whose form recalls the path a ribbon takes during a rhythmic gymnastics routine. To produce these stunning yet functional pieces, Object Studio founder Tom Vaughan and his team merged old and new, using the latest in precision manufacturing techniques in combination with traditional craft carpentry.

Text by Julia Ardila Zurek