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A Dental Clinic with Nordic Touches

Nov 03, 2016 designdiffusion

This newly revamped dental clinic outside of Sevilla is set to become a point of reference on the interior design front for the city of Utrera in southern Spain. By entrusting the branding, communication, and entire look of their clinic to Pilu Lleó, the creative director of Valencian studio Jimenez de Nalda, the space was designed to transmit the quality of their services and the professionalism of their staff to anyone who wanders through the door.

With Nordic references including bright white walls, a Carrara marble counter, oak furniture and copper and rope accents, the clinic has an immaculately clean look that is simultaneously warm and inviting. And exhibiting a clear preference for local design, the studio carefully selected furniture by top-notch brands Akaba and Missana, punctuating the space with bespoke pieces of their own, like the marble counter, the main office desktop, the bathroom sink and the copper lamps that illuminate the corridor.

Text by Julia Ardila Zurek