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Multi-Purpose Dining Tables by Matt Gagnon Studio

Ott 10, 2016 designdiffusion

Dining tables are never just a place to eat dinner. They are where the magic happens: where science projects are finished in the early hours of the morning, where ground-breaking business plans are written, and bottles of wine are shared with old friends. Realizing the design possibilities of this insight, Los Angeles-based Matt Gagnon Studio created these collaborative work surfaces in different shapes that give everyone a space to do their thing.

While the rectangular shape of The Box recalls the traditional dining table, the rounded triangular shape of the Clark Table facilitates easy conversation. Both are an ideal spot to stash everyone’s things; a communal work and play surface for sharing ideas, playing a game, crafting a project, and yes, even eating dinner from time to time.

Text by Julia Ardila Zurek