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The Pop Graphic Collection by Ikea Outfitter Bemz

Ott 06, 2016 designdiffusion

Custom Ikea outfitter Bemz, known for its designer covers for the Swedish furniture company, has launched Pop Graphic, an assortment of fabrics inspired by 1980s Italian furniture design icon Memphis Group, in addition to a collection of fabrics created by student winners of the Bemz design award.

The Pop Graphic collection is, much like its predecessor, Memphis Group, a compilation of bold color blocks and geometric shapes. In the early 1980s, this group of Milan-based architects and designers formed the collective to challenge the conventional world of interior design, creating a look based on bold color and asymmetrical shapes inspired in art deco and pop art. Bemz’ version is a modern take on the Italian archetype, including clean, structured surfaces that use vibrant colors to generate an element of surprise. The result is a youthful look with clean surfaces and  a distinct lack of clutter, ideal for a child’s room or the young and trendy at heart,

Meanwhile, the student collection includes the five prizewinning designs from the Bemz Design Award 2016, incorporated into the brand’s designer collection in August. These fresh fabrics include a photographic print of knit stripes, ink and watercolor-painted icebergs superimposed with Icelandic birds, abstract patterned artichoke flowers, 1950s-inspired graphic houseplants, and an homage to Sweden’s abundant fresh air.

Text by Julia Ardila