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Lunar influences: Moon by Cerasa

Set 29, 2016 designdiffusion

Influenze lunari: Moon by Cerasa

Designer Marco Poletti was inspired by the spherical nature of the moon when designing Moon for Cerasa.

Bathroom furniture is the perfect combination of function and charm, aesthetics and technology, softness and strength. It can be said that Moon embodies all of these dichotomies: the roundness of the moon is reflected in the base (sizes: 100 and 120 cm) and in the round mirror, or  the elliptical one, like one of the phases of the moon. The basin can have the straight lines of Diamante model, or the enveloping profile of a standard Eclisse model; both are made in ‘Teknoplus’, available in black and white finishes, matte or glossy.

The formal complexity of Moon was resolved after a careful study, from which emerged a particular mold where the leg curvature is linked to the shelf, accommodated by interlocking the two basins. What makes Moon remarkable is its finish, chrome or gold, obtained by an environmentally friendly method called ‘Sputtering’, which renders it durable and resistant to abrasion. Thanks to the Treviso company’s extensive range of colors, Moon is also available in a wide selection of glossy and matte hues.

Moon does not come alone, but may be complemented with additional pieces that “gravitate around” the main piece. It is possible to add open columns, convex and concave units, shelves, wall lamps and pouf to the washbasin unit, playing with full and empty spaces. The washbasin unit is available with or without a large drawer with a handle and LED light. It is also possible to apply a chrome rod with a magnifying mirror and glass holder to Moon washbasin units.