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A Countertop System for your Veggies

Set 21, 2016 designdiffusion

Though just as aesthetically beautiful and colorful as flowers, vegetables are often hidden away in the refrigerator drawer, only to be remembered long after they’ve reached their expiration date. Many would argue that veggies are worthy of being seen—and Lund University School of Industrial Design student Agnes Sjöberg steadfastly agrees.

As part of her thesis, Sjöberg designed GRÖNT, a system that allows veggies to be presented in elegant water-filled glass vessels, to be displayed right on the kitchen counter top. The vessels both extend the plant’s shelf life while making them the protagonists of the kitchen. Citing statistics that we don’t eat enough vegetables, the designer argues that we are more likely to eat our veggies if we can see them. And when they are displayed this appealingly, why wouldn’t we?

Text by Julia Ardila