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An Optimized Space for Budapest Vacationers

Set 12, 2016 designdiffusion

Hungarian interior design firm Position Collective revamped this small Airbnb apartment for a pair of style-seeking Budapest travelers looking for something a little bit different during their stay. The compact residence was refurbished with subtle sophistication and space optimization in mind. At the center is an elevated platform built in plywood that acts as both a double bed and storage solution, bringing a modern, youthful feel to the apartment.

The entire back wall, also built in plywood, features a modular shelving system with removable pegs that allow guests to customize how they display their travel gear and mementos. The wall continues into the kitchen, replacing the typical bulky kitchen cabinets and instead displaying neutral-toned ceramic cups and vases. And to replace the cumbersome wardrobe of yesteryear is a metal pipe holding hanging clothes, creating the illusion of even more space. As a final touch, the bathroom smartly adopts the classic white tile, black grout trend, and a frosty glass window divides the shower and the living space, allowing light to seep in.

Text by Julia Ardila Zurek