Airship.01 – a cultural forest

Set 08, 2016 designdiffusion

Airship.01 – a cultural forest

Airship.01 – a cultural forest has finally landed in Rome. After the successful Austrian pavilion breathe.austria at the Expo in Milan 2015, the team of architects, artists and designers ‘’ together with Austria Tourism designed a mobile forest installation, which is travelling from city to city in Italy. The Airship presents a new way of interlinking principles of designing with nature and climate in an urban context and addresses emergent challenges in tackling climate change, urban heat island effects and air pollution in cities. After being landed in Padua and Milan, everybody is now invited to experience the innovative forest- climate installation till Sunday 11.09.2016 on Piazza San Silvrestro in Rome.

Next year the Airship will continue its tour to Bordeaux in France and Poland. Come and Breathe IN! |


AIRSHIP.01 – cultural forest team


Austria Tourism – Mag. Michael Strasser


DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT –  Lisa Maria Enzenhofer, Markus Jeschaunig, Karlheinz Boiger, Bernhard König und Andreas Goritschnig, Austria


in collaboration with

Advanced Energy Consulting DI Sebastian Sautter / Graz  & Matthias Rudolph / Stuttgart

Baubüro, Dr. Ing. Klaus Plattner, Italy



Rottensteiner – outside green projects, Italy

Ruele Thomas, Italy

ELSO – electic solutions, Italy

Raintime GmbH – Alfred Janousek, Austria



Ludvig Svensson BV

Österreichische Bundesforste AG

Rotho Blaas GmbH




Vorarlberg, Tirol, Linz, Salzburg Stadt and Salzburg Land