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nendo: the space in between

Set 07, 2016 designdiffusion

Japanese studio nendo’s first-ever large-scale retrospective exhibition is now open at Design Museum Holon in Israel until November 19. Featuring a selection of over 70 works spanning from the creation of the studio in 2002 to its most recent work, the exhibit is an exploration of the challenges and related solutions that the studio has encountered while interacting with existing preconceptions, identifying the unexplored areas or “spaces” in between these layers in order to tie together new ideas.

Welcoming visitors in the courtyard is ‘in the shade’, a site-specific installation created in collaboration with high-quality quartz manufacturer Caesarstone. It comprises a series of five freestanding glass sheets colored by Glas Italia and held in place by Caesarstone pedestals, with each pedestal positioned to look as though it penetrates the glass’ surface; as if shade is falling onto the pedestal. The overall theme of “the space in between” is communicated through this separation of inside and outside and through the overlapping boundaries of mass and air, light and shade.

Upon entrance into the museum, visitors walk through a grid of open-top display cases divided into six categories of “in between spaces” that provide a window into the creative process of the studio.

“Design is something that you feel and enjoy,” says nendo founder Oki Sato of the ethos behind his studio. “I want my pieces to speak for themselves. Whilst normal and small, there is something very interesting, something always hidden in the gaps and space in between.”

Spanning the entire grounds of Design Museum Holon, the exhibition is meant to provide an overall thought-provoking and immersive experience, bringing visitors closer to the essence of contemporary Japanese design.

Txt: Julia Ardila Zurek

Ph: Takumi Ota