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Cinemaxx Junior – Asia’s first kid-friendly cinema

Set 07, 2016 designdiffusion

Going to the movies with kids has never been so easy. From Singapore-based DP Design comes Asia’s first kid-friendly cinema, an enriched family entertainment experience complete with an integrated playground. Located in Tangerang, Indonesia, the concept of Cinemaxx Junior first arose from the observation that families with young children often do not enjoy the movie-going experience, where silence is expected and parents spend more time attending to their children than actually watching the movie. Cinemaxx Junior is a direct response to this all too common problem, offering children the freedom to move around as they please and explore the play area and screening room while socializing with other kids in a fun and safe environment; meanwhile parents can sit back, relax and escape for a while into the big screen.

Txt: Julia Ardila Zurek