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LZF’s Collection of Illuminated Stories: Ava & Silver

Lug 04, 2016 designdiffusion

From Valencian boutique lighting company LZF comes the third installment of Telling Tales, a collection of illuminated stories for the brand’s 2016 campaign. Set at night to showcase the lamps when lit, and with a focus on the relationship between two people rather than the spaces themselves, the annual catalogue signals a unique shift away from traditional formats, becoming instead a work of artistic creation. With references to Edward Hopper and the film Rear Window by Hitchcock, the photographs recreate the film and photography colors of the 1950s, evoking a storyline from the past that moves into the future. With the recent release of its third story entitled ‘Ava & Silver’, the Telling Tales collection includes hundreds of photographs and six stories. The stories will be available to the public through social media channels, Magazine No. 3 and a special, six-volume book edition that will appear periodically throughout 2016.


Ava & Silver text:

Silver always arrives at Dr. Stanford’s clinic in the late afternoon. He goes once a month. He is always very elegant. Today he has to wait as the doctor is still with a patient; the winter has colds running rife among the school children. Her clinic is a paediatric one. I’m positive he’s run into Mrs. Andersen and her children in the waiting room. The Anderson children are always ill and are at the clinic every month, I think they are pretending, all they really want to do is spend an afternoon in Dr Stanford’s play room. Children these days are very smart, they even know how to lie. I never learnt how to, I only know how to imagine, which is different. Mrs Anderson leaves the building holding her daughter by the hand, which means he is already entering into Dr Stanford’s office. I think he’s French, all men that carry a suitcase and wear a hat are french, or bachelors, or maybe even both. He greets her by her name, Ava, and she tells him how much she’s missed him. It has started to snow. Ava will tell Silver that he can’t possibly leave now, not in this cold. They’ll spend the night together. He will tell her about all the cities he’s been to and she’ll ask him lots of questions, like, if he likes to dance, or if he also makes clothes for men, or why he never gets sick? The reason Ava asks him so many questions, is because she doesn’t dare ask him the one question she has been wanting to ask him for a very long time.”

The End

Text by Julia Ardila Zurek