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Flexhouse: Where Flow Meets Function

Giu 29, 2016 designdiffusion

Flexhouse: architettura tra onde & funzionalità

This home on the banks of Lake Zurich is anything but a square box: with a white, ribbon-like exterior that winds elegantly around expansive walls of glass, its lightness recalls a futuristic vessel sailing in from the lake to find its home on a grassy dock. Completed by Swiss architecture and design studio Evolution Design, Flexhouse was conceived as a creative solution to a challenging plot of land. With a curvilinear inverted S-shape that gives way to wide walls of glass overlooking panoramic views of lake Zurich, the design features a floor plan that goes from wide to narrow to follow the triangular shape of the plot. The unbroken views blur the boundaries between outside and in, with a façade that flows seamlessly into an open plan interior.

The structure’s sculptural exterior implies a lack of practicality, an idea that is immediately challenged upon entrance: designed for everyday living, the rear wall of the living room functions as both a storage and display space, while the kitchen grows out of the same wall and the bedroom walls function as screens. Meanwhile, the house meets Switzerland’s Minergie standard with features including thermally activated concrete floors that connect to a geothermal heat pump to heat the house in winter and cool it in summer.


Txt: Julia Ardila Zurek – Photos: Peter Wuermli