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Anthropocèni by ZPSTUDIO: design between past & future

Apr 21, 2016 designdiffusion

Anthropocèni by ZPSTUDIO: design between past & future

The new project Anthropocèni by ZPSTUDIO reinterprets six iconic objects, belonging to the Ethno- Anthropology section of the Natural History Museum in Florence, to indicate a new direction for post- industrial design. The collection was presented during the Milan Design Week at Galleria Mirco Cattai, Milano.

ZPSTUDIO developed this project within a research study, that is shared by designers and academics. The objective is to find a new starting point that will transport design into the future; through a deep correlation with the demands from the contemporary world that attracts new attention to man and nature.

The Florence-based studio – through materials and technology – projected the objects to the future: the archetypal shapes of products of everyday use, such as knives, bowls and jars, integrate traditional materials and innovative elements, in a process manages to create a direct link between the distant past and the future.