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HOKU lamp by LimeLAB

Apr 01, 2016 designdiffusion

HOKU lamp by LimeLAB

HOKU, the table lamp created for fun from an idea that starts in 2014 from the willingness to respond to a need, looking for competitive solutions without compromises. The LimeLAB studio created his “brightest star” merging the innovative techniques of the brothers Roberto and Stefano with the harmonious shapes conceived by dad Andrea, then realized thanks to the mastery of seven artisans from Bologna’s province.

Simplify the user experience of the lamp has been one of the main objectives of the project that created a quality product in which the formal minimalism seamlessly lead to the functionality. The design Made in Italy coexists with the efficiency and the most advanced technology bringing to life the table lamp from which we would never want to separate us. HOKU is also attentive to the environment: its 5W LED has a lifespan of beyond 20 years, during which it doesn’t decrease its brightness.

Intuitive to use, it just needs to be touched to reproduce at any time the daylight that filters through the window on a sunny day, allowing you to remain productive at all times of the day.