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This Ukrainian apartment gets an indoor slide

Mar 21, 2016 designdiffusion

Uno scivolo per questo appartamento ucraino

Leave all grown-up inclinations at the door; this Ukrainian apartment is pure playground fun, making our 8-year-old-selves’ dreams a reality. The architects at KI Design Studio have revamped this Kharkiv-based penthouse to include an indoor slide that connects the top story to a now open-plan first floor.

According to, the existing apartment had a single staircase connecting the ground floor living area to a previously idle upper level. Insert the slide and some interior reshuffling, and the second floor now serves the more suitable functions of a master bedroom, guest bedroom, private bathroom and office.

With a slide drop-off location in the living area, we have a feeling the residents won’t be slipping into routine anytime soon.


Text by Julia Ardila Zurek