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Endless combination of light

Mar 18, 2016 designdiffusion

Infinite combinazioni di lampade e luce

Barcelona-based designers Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, of Goula/Figuera design studio, recently launched Home Adventures, an initiative that arises from the need to make concrete certain design ideas which, as a result of their experimental nature or alternative production methods, are not typically found in conventional home décor catalogues.

The first product to emerge from this initiative is Lines & Dots, a collection of decorative hanging lights that originated from a series of abstract ink silhouettes. From these preliminary drawings, eight shapes were chosen to become the final designs.

The silhouettes were reproduced using powder-coated steel rods hand-welded by local metalworkers, distinguishing the process from a standard manufacturing method and relating it instead to that of a sculpture, rendering each piece unique. Each of the eight modules can be combined and customized as desired by using a cable as a pivot, allowing for a myriad of decorative lighting possibilities.

Text by Julia Ardila