PREVIEW SALONE 2016: Kaldewei

Mar 15, 2016 designdiffusion

PREVIEW SALONE 2016: Kaldewei

Meisterstücke’s sculptural bathtub and washstand are the highlights of the Kaldewei premium collection that the company will present at Salone Bagno 2016 (Salone del mobile Milano).

Working with star designer Arik Levy, Kaldewei has extended its Meisterstücke premium collection and, at the same time, has added matching washstands. The ensemble of the Meisterstück Emerso bathtub and Meisterstück Emerso washstand feature captivating and extraordinary style elements: the free-standing, fully enamelled bathtub has a slightly rising edge so that, like looking at a silk ribbon rolled in on itself, the eye is seemingly allowed to roam infinitely. The coordinated washstand is the inverse counterpart whose edge swoops inwards into the body of the piece.

Meisterstück Emerso bathtub was designed for one person. With its high back rest and long base area, it is an ergonomic and modern interpretation of historical bathtub shapes. The edge of the tub, turning in on itself, makes this model into a flowing sculpture that appears to develop infinitely, sensually connecting diagonal and horizontal lines. The bathtub is entirely made of steel enamel with seamless, conical coating, flush-fitting waste cover and discreet overflow outlet. The exceptional design makes this model into a free-standing piece of perfection for the bathroom.

The Meisterstück Emerso washstand is the inversely designed counterpart of the bathtub. Its edge curves inward, visually swooping into the body of the washstand. In this way the ensemble of bathtub and washstand produce a harmonious, self-contained unit. Thanks to its fully enamelled shape, the Meisterstück Emerso washstand can be installed with the descending side either facing into or away from the room. It is available both as a free-standing or built-in model.