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A (Space) in parentheses by designer Gilles Belley

Mar 15, 2016 designdiffusion

(Spazi) in parentesi che ridisegnano unO SPAZIO

This private, all-encompassing mini-library is the ideal place to withdraw with a good read. French designer Gilles Belley has created Area, a freestanding bookshelf that defines a room within a room. Considered by the designer to be a ‘space in parentheses,’ the rounded, semi-enclosed structure is composed of vertical steel blades that double as bookshelves. The modular design lends itself to varied arrangements depending on the form of its base, the direction of its vertical blades, and the presence or absence of shelving.

Area is part of a collection of furniture systems by Belley that reconsiders the relationship between furniture and the built environment, serving to condense, split or delimit a living space. Entitled Rooms, the collection also includes Block, an all-in-one storage solution that groups a sleeping raft, small work area and stairs; and Wall, a vertical partition that breaks up space while enabling varied activities.

Text by Julia Ardila Zurek