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Super g&g: residential preoject by officina8a

Mar 10, 2016 designdiffusion

Super g&g: residential preoject by officina8a

Design, sustainability, restoration, enhancement, interior design, photography, procedures, enterprise: these are the themes that Italian architetcure studio officina8a bases their projects on. Each team member has his own desk but no one stays there for long: curiosity is their source of growth as well as strength.

Let’s discover one of the firm’s latest projects: Super g&g in the city of Turin, Italy.

“Main character of the project is the vertical connection between the levels of the apartment. The staircase divides spaces vertically (bedrooms under, living area above) and horizontally (bedrooms and utilities at the ninth floor, kitchen and living room at the tenth floor). The materials chosen for the stair (metal, wood, glass) let the whole apartment have strength and transparency. Glass especially lets the natural light arrive until the lower floor. The living area in the attic is a continuous and wide space thanks to large glassy door on the terrace.”


Ph: Sabrina Gazzola