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The art of the mirror by Labanto

Mar 04, 2016 designdiffusion

Gli specchi artigianali by Labanto

Colé Gallery presents Labanto, a new Turin-based artisan reality; it interprets antiqued or distressed mirrors with a contemporary twist, and reiterates the precious 18th-century silvering process. The workshop carries the tradition of the historical company, Antolisei, into the future; today, thanks to research and design experience by Francesca Brinatti, Labanto is developing new and original creations, unique items and elements for coating walls: the key aspect is the relationship between the components and the very substance of the mirror and how the space is constructed.

It is not the reflection of reality that guides Francesca Brinatti’s work, but the material value of the mirror – investigated, studied and designed as a repetition of the basic natural elements used to produce the article: glass, silver and oxidative minerals.  Liquid silver is fused with glass using an age-old technique to produce the most prestigious mirrors.

There are several variations on the theme yet only one of them has been researched and investigated in a systematic coherent manner; according to Francesca: ‘the encounter with the mirror was a wonderful discovery and led to a new activity based on the merging of design and creativity with the material substance and components, with all of its laws, properties and timings. I do not perceive a reflected image of reality in a mirror; on the contrary, I see the stratification of its components – sand, fire, water, oxidizing minerals – and their compounds – embellished with silver’