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PANTONE + Tealeaves redesign cocktail & culinary experiences

Mar 03, 2016 designdiffusion

PANTONE + Tealeaves redesign cocktail & culinary experiences

Global color authority PANTONE has collaborated with luxury tea purveyor Tealeaves to launch an online exhibit that showcases the strong influence of color on the food and drink experience. The exhibit, #PaletteForYourPalate, celebrates the brand’s new retail line by commissioning world-renowned culinary, pastry and mixology artists to create recipes inspired by the individual tea blend, its associated mood, and a Pantone colour.

Regarding Tealeaves’ newly launched collection, Vice President of Pantone Color Institute Laurie Presman said, “Color has the ability to draw us in and immediately create an emotional connection to the things we love. By tapping into our research on the psychological messages and meanings of color and infusing it with tea, now when consumers pick up that box of tea on the shelf, it will truly resonate with them as it will evoke certain moods.”

The travelling exhibit involves 30+ world-renowned North American chefs and mixologists, who infuse each dish with a specific color from a palette of 10 iconic tea blends. The resulting mixture of “tea + color + mood” is truly a feast for the eyes.


Text by Julia Ardila Zurek