Mar 01, 2016 designdiffusion


Preview Salone del Mobile 2016 by LAUFEN.

No one thought that a small addition of corundum to the traditional formula of ceramics could generate an enormous revolution in the world of the bathroom: in 2013 Laufen launched the innovative material SaphirKeramik, the world’s thinnest ceramic, after half a decade of research, testing and experimentation under the guidance of Dr.Werner Fischer. Since then this has been the company’s leading product, generating a truly new trend in the entire bath sector.After this innovation nothing has been the same in the world of bathroom design anymore.

Besides design, the advantages provided by SaphirKeramik affect the environment and availability of space too: first of all, less material is required and in addition, the product is completely recyclable, making it ecological and sustainable. Secondly, thanks to the slimmer structure, the material can also be used in very small bathrooms, optimizing and refining space. All this without sacrificing the qualities of classic ceramics: total hygiene, resistance to strong detergents, any temperatures, UV-light and mechanical abrasion, near-zero water absorption, and absolutely safe with drinking water.

The new possibilities of this material have stimulated the creativity of many leading  designers, including Konstantin Grcic and Toan Nguyen, who have explored its enormous potential by creating the VAL and INO collections: washbasins of different types, round or squared, with three-dimensional textures or almost mirror surfaces, in a wide range of sizes, suitable for all needs of space and style, each conceived to make the user feel right at home.