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HI-MACS® and Simone Piva for an event dedicated to cuisine

Feb 25, 2016 designdiffusion

HI-MACS® e Simone Piva per un evento dedicato alla cucina

HI-MACS and Simone Piva present an exploration of INGREDIENTS OF DESIGN (design’s ingredients) with an event dedicated to the kitchen designed by Simone Piva, who has definitely pushed the envelope of kitchen design by reinterpreting traditional rules and canons.

The kitchen is white as if it was a white sheet of paper or canvas. It is the synthesis of what could be defined as formal purity. It has been broken down and built up again. In other words Simone Piva has broken down the traditional notion of kitchen and put it back together according to his innovative concepts. In this respect, this kitchen encompasses aesthetic which is expressed through function and experimentation. This has produced an extremely contemporary outcome which extols the spiffy architecture. Everything is linear, neat and geometric at the same time.. It portrays a rigorous and scrupulous expression of purity.

Thanks to the innovative material HI-MACS® the surface is neither porous nor it shows visible joints. Furthermore, the rubber-coated finish is delicate and gentle, I would say even emotional to the touch. There is so much going on in a kitchen, from the cooking, to the eating, to the talking to the washing up. That is the reason why this particular kitchen has been designed in such a way as to be extremely versatile and adaptable to any environment and situation alike.

INGREDIENTI DEL DESIGN: A stellar happy hour by chef Guido Alciati.

  March 2, 2016, h 18.30 – 21.30

 At CANOVA e15 Showroom, via Tortona 34, Milan.