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The Office Space: a 300 SM in American cherry

Feb 22, 2016 designdiffusion

The Office Space: a 300 SM in American cherry

Australia has more co-working space per capita than any other country in the world, and this one is an example of one of the most sophisticated shared office spaces in the world. Located within the iconic Paramount House in the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills, Woods Bagot and Elan Construct have created a co-working experience that seamlessly combines function, aesthetics and luxury.  Paramount by The Office Space comprises 22 private office suites, a meeting and boardroom, kitchen area and a stunning purpose built brass bar. Mid-century design pieces from Walter Knoll and Molteni&C and custom furniture unite with the technological requirements of contemporary business.  The outcome is a sense of luxury, comfort and sophisticated hospitality within a modern office setting. Natural materials including limestone, leather and marble combine with burnished brass fixtures to contribute to the high-end glamour which emanates from the extensive use of American black cherry solids and veneers throughout the space.

The softly curved offices suites are formed from American black cherry. Todd Hammond, Woods Bagot Head of Interiors says the intention was to create a space “seemingly milled from timber to reconstruct a ‘yesteryear’ aesthetic in contemporary presentation”.

Hammond confesses a “love affair” with American cherry, a species that he says offers an alternative to the ubiquitous trend in Australia for blond timbers, yet without the formality of darker walnut. “I think cherry sits somewhere in between; not only in tone but also with its level of professionalism, which can be used in a casual way”. Indeed, whilst walnut was considered for its sense of luxury, it was felt the darker hue would enclose the smaller offices and American cherry offered the golden, honey tone that complemented the Queensland maple timber that graces the entrance to the space.  The luxuriousness that results from the natural darkening with age of the timber led the Woods Bagot team to leave the timber without a UV coating.