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Dichotomies make up this cultural center by Périphériques

Feb 19, 2016 designdiffusion

Espace Culturel de La Haguee by Périphériques

Rows of pristine, reflective glass disrupted by geometric fragments of perforated metal in bold red; this and other dualities resonate throughout the 2,500 square-meter Espace Culturel de La Hague in north-western France. Completed by Paris-based Périphériques Architectes, the cultural center serves two ultimate purposes: housing a concert hall on one end and a music school on the other.

The dichotomies continue into the façade’s glass curtain, which is made up of alternating rows of translucent glass and reflective mirrors placed to juxtapose the inner spectacle with the reflected urban environment that surrounds the building. Meanwhile, the interior emphasizes functionality and durability, with timber and steel serving as the materials of choice because of their environmental traceability.

Txt: Julia Ardila