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Texture: the agent behind Nendo’s chocolate bar

Feb 10, 2016 designdiffusion

Texture: the agent behind Nendo’s chocolate bar

Many factors determine how a chocolate will taste, but in its latest epicurean undertaking, Japanese design studio Nendo focused on texture as a powerful determinant of flavour.

Dubbed Chocolatexturebar, the studio expanded on its 2015 exploration into the texture of chocolate by elegantly bundling it into a single bar. The surface of each bar is divided into 12 faces each with a distinct three-dimensional pattern ranging from stripes to dots and zigzags, chequered patterns to wave designs.

What was considered when designing the cast was that taste is recognized after going through various procedures inside the mouth, so by savouring each texture with the tongue, chocolate lovers can experience a new taste dimension unlike anything else that is currently offered. And to ensure a rich experience, the decadent tablets come in five flavours– milk, strawberry, white, bitter and matcha.

Txt: Julia Ardila